A new thought on which language to study

(brought over from my previous language blog)

I was talking to my grandma today and my wheels started turning. My plans have changed from studying French to studying both Russian and Portuguese.

  • I have good base in Spanish to make Portuguese relatively “easy” to learn
  • I wanted to learn Portuguese, but did French due to the not wanting to lose my Spanish. But it’s Portuguese I want to be fluent in, so why not study Portuguese? I’ll probably understand more Spanish with Portuguese study than I’ll retain with French study anyway
  • My goal is to be able to translate in the energy industry (where my degree and career are), and there’s not much French in that industry
  • There is a LOT of petroleum interest in Russian speaking countries (Russia, Kazakhstan, etc.)
  • There is also a lot of petroleum interest in Portuguese speaking countries (Brazil, Angola, etc.)
  • Both Russian and Portuguese are less known by native English speakers than French, thus making it more useful skill
  • Russian and Portuguese are far enough in language spectrum that I don’t think I’ll mix them too much. If I do, learning how not to mix them will just be part of the learning process
  • I currently work with two Russian-speaking people and know of one Portuguese speaking person, making now an ideal time to practice 😀

So there’s my thought process behind that one. I’ll now be studying Portuguese and Russian. But as you’ll come to see with me, that could change any minute :-D.


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