Russian update #1

(brought over from my previous language blog)

So far Russian (or Русский!) has been going very well!

I have the Cyrillic alphabet mostly conquered and now I’m working up building the basics like how to say “I” and “you” and so on.

It’s very slow since the alphabet plus the language makes it double foreign and makes the words harder to remember. I have to hear the word over and over and over and then see it over and over and over in order just to make sense of it. I’m hoping this will get better with familiarity with the Russian letters and standard sounds.

I miss how far I was along in Spanish, but I’m sure a few months or a year from now I can get to a good level again in this language. It seems like all it takes is consistent effort and daily study. I miss not being able to half-read things. Oh well! More motivation to study!

Sentences:  69/10,000 (more on the 10,000 sentences method)

Princeton Course: Lesson 3 of SLA101 (A free 200 lesson course offered by a former Russian teacher available in PDF/MP3 downloads)


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