Welcome to my site!

Over the next few months / years I am going to undertake many things in order to improve my personal well-being. I’ve done he college thing, I have the job thing, and I even have the husband thing, but I want to improve my body and mind.

I always thought that I’d figure out health and other things after I graduated. After two years married and with a job, I’m realizing that it doesn’t magically happen. In a time where I’m trying to do everything (wife, career, etc), I have so little energy. I’m always tired and I never get enough sleep. I never get enough water. I’m 60 lbs overweight and I’m only 24. I’ve gained 45 lbs since I started dating my now husband. I need to figure some things out.

What are some of my trials/hobbies/life changes going to include?

-running a marathon (again)
-losing 60 lbs (or more)
-trying a raw food lifestyle
-going vegan
-biking the MS150 (again)
-learning Russian
-getting my masters degree online
-figuring out how to clean/organize our house
-read tons and tons of books
-learn to play the guitar (musical expression)
-learn how to get enough sleep, every night
-become a morning person
-become emotionally independent from food / drinks

So if any of these things interest you, feel free to follow my progress! In a way, I’m doing all of them at once so it won’t be a one after the other type of thing, though I do tend to jump around a bit.

Here’s to a journey or personal development!!!

– Gigi


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