So, Why a Raw Food Diet?

Being part German and part Irish, my family get-togethers are full of meats, starches, and sweets. Maybe a salty veggie here and there. Little to no fruit. And this is what I was raised on.

My dad grew up eating whatever he wanted. No veggies, no fruits, lots of salt, lots of sweets. His mom just let him. So my mom then had to cook to his likings and us kids ate his same diet. But he did like some fruit (pears, peaches, though canned) and he liked sea food. My mom loves veggies but hates fruit. And sea food. We cooked to please all.

So now I have a very limited range I choose from. Over the years, now that I’ve been making my own food choices for a while, I’ve slowly gravitated towards more and more processed sweets (chocolate, flavored coffee, sweet cereals) and more salts (lots of soy sauce, raman noodles, salty seasonings on everything).

The things I found was the more sugar I ate, the more I craved. If I started with a bit of chocolate in the morning, or a sweet white chocolate mocha, I would sit at work simply DYING for another chocolate bar, I’d want another coffee at lunch, and an then I’d want a huge bar of chocolate for dessert, sometimes in lieu of a real dinner.

When I try to reduce my sugar, I often end up substituting salt. I have raman, eggs with cheese and salt, Chinese food with tons of soy sauce, and cuts of meat with loads of salty seasonings. I do this because my taste buds are so unresponsive to regular foods and I try to mask the fact that I really don’t like a lot of the foods I’m eating.

I am an animal lover, but I’ve never thought of going vegan for the sake of animals. But when I eat beef or chicken, I just don’t like it. The texture, the idea of it all, the fat attached to most cuts…ick. I just eat it because turkey and chicken are suppose to be healthy and have a good protein to fat ratio.

Pork products (ham, bacon, sausage. etc) have always made me very nauseous long before I realized these products came from a pig (I was pretty young) and eggs are the same way. I can only eat these things with lots and lots of salt. I guess it masks the taste?

So I’ve never really been comfortable with eating meat. Personally, I’m more than happy to give it up. It’s just a matter of figuring out how to go about it with the huge influence animal products have in our culture.

That leaves all the varieties of cooked food though. Why raw?

1) Frankly, I’m interested if it is true about the health benefits and I’m going to test it on my own. I have several little health issues that I’m interested if they will “magically heal” as so many others mention (I’m a skeptic).

2) I never drink enough water and I know this is a huge factor in many of my health problems (I’ll detail these later). Raw food has a higher water content than cooked foods and my trial of raw food for breakfast and lunch earlier this week already had my lips getting softer and had me urinating more often. This can’t be a bad thing.

3) Yes, certain foods are better digested when cooked, but I think it’s best to start simple. There are so many additives to cooked foods (mostly fat and salt) that I’d like to try to get away from and eat less of. I certainly don’t think that all cooked food is bad for the body. This is more an experiment in personal growth. A discovery of how to adapt to a diet not laden with artificial sweets, loads of salts, and unhealthy fats. I’m just not at the point, and neither are my taste buds, to do that with a large amount of cooked food.

Honestly, I know the diet I’m currently on is leading me to a life of obesity (I’m already 60 lbs overweight), diabetes, and high blood pressure (though it’s currently at normal levels). Possibly cancer. All of these are in the family so I’m predisposed to all of these.

If you don’t agree with my decision to try a raw lifestyle, at least agree that what I’m doing right now isn’t working!



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