Great bike ride today!

So today I had a great bike ride with some friends from work who are on the MS150 team with me. We were going on a 26 mile ride and I rode my bike to the place we were meeting. Mapped my ride when I got home and it was 32 miles. Not too shabby! Under 3 hours and I talked to the guys before they packed up their cars so I think the average was around 12 mph.

Would have been more had it not been for the 20 mph winds on the way home. A cold front hit about 3/4 the way through and started blowing some nice winds our direction. Made it colder than it was when we started out, which was already chillier than I prefer (I don’t like anything less than 60, and I like it sunny). I think I was going ~6-7 mph into those headwinds around mile 30.

I like riding long. I think I’m going to increase my miles before the MS150. Last time I only ramped up to 28 miles before the big day. I think it’d really help me if I could at least get up to 50 miles.  Each day is 75 miles and 28 miles just didn’t prepare me. I might also try doing a few back to back weekend long rides to see if that helps prepare me.

This time I’m also including strength training in the mix to help with the hills. I need to do more shoulder work too since I get such sore shoulders after long rides.  A few pounds off the bike from a little weight loss wouldn’t hurt with the hill either! That extra gravity is a killer.


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