A Tad Depressed

My husband is in the process of packing for a 5 week geological field camp where he won’t have Internet and might not have very good cell coverage. I’ve been only thinking about the positives up until today, such as the freedom of only having to deal with my own wants and needs. But today, knowing he’ll be gone tomorrow morning, is depressing and I’m simply sad. I feel like how my puppy sounded after we’d leave him, before we got him a mate to keep him company. Just a gut-wrenching sad.

I know many couples do this all the time, but we don’t. I think a week has been our longest when I had training for work. And since it’s just us out here in our town, with no family near and limited friends, we’re pretty dependent on each other.

I just had to let these emotions out. I don’t really know who I would tell this too right now without feeling like I was asking for pity. I’ll be fine and I have too good a life for pity, but this blog is acting as a pillow to cry in, and I’m ok with that.

Well, on a brighter note, tomorrow I’m going to Sam’s and the natural foods store for produce to start my three week LFRV trial. I’m going to make every possible effort to stick to it 100% for three weeks and then see how I feel. From there I will either continue or modify.


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