Day 1 “LFRV”

I put that title in quotes because I it really wasn’t 100% LFRV. I’m much more emotionally attached to food than I thought and attempting to cut all of those ties when I’m most emotionally stressed with the husband away was difficult. I would probably have been OK if I could have found a ripe banana anywhere in town, but as it was I only had items that didn’t sound as good as a banana (or 12) at my disposal.

Another problem I had was I experimented some and wasn’t fond of the results, once with celery and once with a avocado in a green salad. Both weren’t so great. I had better luck with the fruit.

Well, let me just let you know what I had today (separated by meals):

  • 8AM
    1 L water first thing in the morning (this made me feel great!)
  • 11 AM
    2 cups white seedless grapes (nasty ones from Sam’s)
  • 5 PM
    2 gala apples (yum! from Sam’s)
    1 cup organic grape tomatoes (eh)
    1 tbsp hummus (just trying it, it wasn’t homemade)
  • 8 PM
    1 tall Starbucks White Mocha
    1 medium brownie
  • 12 midnight
    1 pink grapefruit (yum! organic from Natural Foods)
  • 1 AM
    3.5 cups Campbell’s tomato soup (hit the spot!!!)
    1 biscuit

Overall (c/p/f), 79%/8%/13% with 1685 calories.

What’s funny is this was a “bad” day for me but actually much better than any day by my old dieting standards. I had a horrible time eating under 30 grams of fat with my old eating habits but I only had 24 today, even with the white mocha and brownie. I was on the typical SAD (standard american diet) diet where more then 30% of my calories would come from fat, on a good day! Bad days were 40-50%.

Anyway, so I was kinda down with a huge headache (could be LFRV detox, could be caffeine detox) and carb starved around 8pm when I gave in and had a coffee and a brownie at Barnes & Noble. I think I would have felt better if I’d had a bunch of bananas and gone for a run or bike, but the weather was yucky also and I just didn’t have the energy. I wanted to, I was just in a fog and ended up napping a lot.

I did take my stats this morning:

  • Weight: 210.2
  • Body Fat% (scale): 42.7%
  • Body Fat% (Navy Method) 43.4%
  • Lean Body Mass: 120.4
  • Bust: 44″
  • Waist: 35.75″
  • Hips: 47″

Just to reiterate, I’m not tracking these stats just to see if I’ve lost weight, but to see if a diet like this makes one lose muscle mass or if the weight loss many report really is everything else. If my “lean body mass” drops rapidly then stabilized, then I’m just losing water weight without muscle loss. If the number keeps dropping week to week, then I need to reconsider somethings, even if it’s just more strength training.

I hope tomorrow is sunny. I was able to lay in the sun on Friday and it felt so good. And I love biking in the sun and I want to really break in my new clip pedals.


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